The Healing Arts

The Healing Arts
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Kazushi Ancient Healing Therapies grew out of the study of the martial arts.  In 2000 Diana began training in alternate healing modalities.  It began with the study of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki.  Reiki is an ancient, gentle, non-invasive practice of energy transfer.  It encourages healing of the body and spirit.  Reiki can be very effective when dealing with pain, with migraines, aid in quitting smoking, tension and depression.  The normal flow of energy throughout the body becomes re-established with Reiki, which aids in healing.  Reiki is a Japaneese healing art. that restores the balance in the energy within and around the body.  A body in a state of balance tends to heal itself:  burns heal faster, breaks mend sooner, bleeding slows etc.  Rei translates to Spirit, Soul or Universal and Ki translates to Energy.  Put them together and you get "Spirit Energy".  Shihan Watts is a Reiki Master registered with the "Canadian Reiki Association", and applies her skills to a select clientelle.
Diana also practices Shamanic Couselling.  Shamanism is found all over the world and even in remote places there are many similarities to how it is practiced.  A Shaman or "seer" translates to "one who sees in the dark".  It involves entering an altered state of consciousness - at will, to contact and utilize a hidden reality, in order to aquire knowledge to help an individual.  Diana's training is in traditional methodology, taught through the Foundation of Shamanic Studies.  It is blended with aboriginal training.  She has been practicing for about 11 years now. 
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